Has anyone had any experience with Curadebt debt settlement services?

I am considering settling my debt and I came accross Curadebt any reviews or personal experience with this company? Please respond. Thank you.

I could be wrong but when I was checking out debt settlement companies, this one came up bad..Check the Better Business Bureau.

We are in the process of using Freedom Debt Relief, so far we are very happy with them. In their program they have a form you fill out to close all your CC. They say it is better if the owners of the card do it then the company. It actually felt very good to cut up all our cards & close all our CC accounts. I closed the CC’s by mail. Yesterday we put a budget together. What is costing the most is groceries & gas. We will have to play around with the budget for a month to see how we do. I never shopped at Walmart for groceries, but from what I hear they are cheaper than all the other grocery stores.

What will this do to your credit rating? I’m curious about something. Did you get behind on your payments before you used this company or were you current with payments? Thanks!

I have had some experience with GENUS debt management. They probably have been around the longest, I was dealing with them around 99/00 or so. They were pretty good, but most of these companies are just doing what most can do individually.

Reopening charged off credit card account

I recently pulled my credit report and noticed a few credit cards are listed as charged off by the creditors…i was wondering should i call the creditors/grantor and request to have card reopened

If they have you listed as a CO it’s doubtful they’d open the account again. And why would you want it re-opened? You did’nt know they were charged off? They are required to charge off a debt that is not being paid on after 6 months. I would think they would not even consider reopening your accounts because you did’nt pay previously. If they are listed as charged off by mistake and you in fact paid the debt in full you need to have this negative information removed from your credit report but you will need proof that you paid etc. It is my understanding an account being “charged off” is much different then an account that is closed.

i thought that having them reopen/reage would help my credit…it would show longer credit history than opening a new TL

Has anyone heard or used ZipDebt, by Charles Phelan? I downloaded his free pamphlet, and it sounds interesting. Wondering if it’s worth his consulting fee to get advice on DIY negotation? I am hoping to have some money in the next month or so to be able to begin pursuing settlements, and am really nervous / afraid of how to get started. Thanks!

The URL is http://www.zipdebt.com/

Urgent bankruptcy question

I am actually in the process of contemplating bankruptcy. I have spoken with an attorney and have been told that with chap 7 as long as you don’t have equity in your home you can keep it if you stay current on the loan. I go to have another meeting next week so we shall see then.

I also need some advice for my nephew. He is in foreclosure on his home. Sheriff sale is May 6th. I tried to help him refinance but no bank will touch it at this point. I was told his only way to hang onto his house is to file bankruptcy. Any idea what he should file? chapter wise? How long will it take? What can he keep? How much does it cost? We are in NJ. Thanks.

2 suggestions:

  1. Get one of the nolo books on bankruptcy from the library. Find the books at www.nolo.com
  2. Check out the website www.legalconsumer.com

Did your nephew lose his job? How is he struggling paying his house? Does he have alot of CC debt? What are some of the issues with him being in such financial problems? Bankruptcy usually isn’t the answer all the time. IF he can’t afford the house and files bankruptcy to keep it, that doesn’t make much sense. Give us some more information on his financial situation, and maybe we can help.

Sometimes people can afford to pay their secured debts but not their unsecured debts which is my situation. Bankruptcy might be an answer as you can usually keep your secured property in bankruptcy unless you fail the means test and can’t come up with a chapter 13 plan.

No, he did not lose his job. He just got behind on his mortgage. He works with my brother 1 1/2 hours from his home so he stays in the town he works in from Monday to Friday and goes home on the weekends. His wife took care of the bills and hide the fact that the mortgage was in trouble. He took over the bill paying in February but it was too late. He has lots of CC debt and he took a personal loan to pay off a CC debt. Let’s just say he was negligent all around in his bill paying. Can’t call it anything else. So, if he files bankruptcy, can’t he keep his house? and does he still have to pay his mortgage?

How many months behind is he on the mortgage? I wonder why he is paying his credit cards instead of the house payment? You want to pay your four walls first, housing, utilities, insurance, transportation, then all of the credit cards are last and if he can’t pay them, then they don’t get paid.

He can file chapter 13 and keep his assets. He’ll just have to work out a plan to pay off all or a portion of his debts. A chapter 13 does not require the liquidation of his assets, so you dont have to sell your house or expensive car. As long as his unsecured debts dont exceed $250,000.00 and his house and cars dont exceed $750,000.00. ONly your income is used to determine if he has the ability to pay. He needs to get on it ASAP if he’s 4 or 5 months behind on his house. Usually after about 6-8 months a house gets repo’d, maybe even later. He needs to contact a Bankruptcy lawyer fast if this is the case.

I would suggest that he pays his house and put the credit cards on hold though. Credit cards are unsecured debt, which means there is no hard assets tied to the debt like a house or car. Most Credit card companies will settle for less the amount of the balance of the credit card and will work with you. Although there are several Credit Card companies that won’t work with you… If you have any other questions, feel free…Good Luck with him….Hope this helps some..

Also, if your income is greater then your state’s median and you have monthly disposable income > 166.67 then you have to do Chapter 13. More details are in Bankruptcy Code 707 and www.legalconsumer.com.

Anyone heard of a ‘debt assumption’ process?

I have been scouring the web gathering information and such. I came across some information on ‘debt assumption‘ – has anyone ever heard of it or used it for their credit card debt?

From what I read, the company legally assumes your debt. They themselves create a new agreement with the credit card company. part of the agreement is that the credit card company erase all bad marks on your credit history.

They are registered with the BBB and some other organization as well.

From what I read, it works for school loans and signature loans as well.

Anyone ever heard of this or used this process?

I can email the info I found on it – if anyone can help me evaluate this, I would appreciate it.


At times the best option in situation like yours is to get a cash loans from companies like SpotLoan, ErgLoans or NorthCash. All three are very well-known established companies and provide great service.

Regarding your question – ‘debt assumption’ sounds just like the debt reduction companies that will talk to creditors and negotiate down your balances. How much debt do you have? Sometimes it’s not a bad idea depending on your situation.

But alot of times you can do this on your own and you also pay quite a bit of fees to them so they make money. You just have to weigh out how much you save to how much you pay them. Plus they do all the legwork of the debt. Good like with your efforts!

Duplicate items on credit report

I have two TL on my credit report that are reported twice with a different reason i need to know what steps should i take to have this corrected/deleted

  1. dillards-opened 04-charged off
  2. dillards-opened 04-paid or paying as agreed
  3. hsbc-opened 04-charged off
  4. hsbc-opened 04-paid or paying as agreed of course the paid as agreed is showin in the positive section of my TU report

I won the fight with the mortgage creeps

I know i mentioned once that we were in a battle with our mortgage company concerning our ARM and the misrepresentation of the loan.

As you may recall, we consciously decided to stop paying on the mortgage until they heard us. WE were emotionally ready to give the house up rather than pay 16 percent interest.

Its a long story and not all people that don’t pay their mortgage are dirt broke and do “bad” things like not paying their bills. According to McCain, we should not be rewarded for being dirt bags. The mortgage company in his eyes do no wrong. He got called out on that statement and quickly changed his tune. I really liked the guy until he said all that, now I am second guessing myself. They tried to take us for everything and told us lie after lie and we decided to just put an end to it. This was the only way to get their attention. They actually scheduled the house to be sold on the courthouse steps, when we didn’t respond the way the wanted, they changed their tune. To make a very long story short, we stood our ground and our payment has been lowered almost 1000.00 per month.

It was a very stressful thing, we haven’t paid our mortgage since november due to all this. we really were addamant about them modifying the loan. we sent letter after letter and they always said they didn’t get them. It was a huge mess. If anyone would liek to talk to me about details we went through to win this, just let me know. It was not fun, but it wa s worthwhile. We won! One big victory for our family. We were scheduled to be sold tomorrow at the courthouse. They let us know just a week ago that they would like to work it out.

btw, our mortgage predators are Option One Mortgage corp…subsidiary of H and R Block…. truly dirt bags…

wow, congratulations!


  • did you have to take them to court?
  • did you send your letters to them thru certified mail?
  • did you have to pay a lump sum for the back mortgage payments you didn’t pay?

Hi, No court, but did use an attorney with a pretty powerful letter about how upside down we are in the home ( including a long list of things needing repair and upgraded) and that if they wanted to sell at couthouse, they would loose a great deal more than if we stayed and they modified. We also mentioned we were getting ready to file a bankruptcy and might be able to avoid it if they were to modify. Homes in my area have depriciated 23 % (thats twenty three not 2 point 3) in the past 1.5 years.

yes, letters sent with return receipt and siggy required. they still denied getting them.

they have included the missed payments in the balance of the loan. WE have not agreed to their terms yet, but, truthfully, probably will 6% is what they are offering adjustable to 7.5 in 3 years. WE are still working on those two things. I would really like 1 of 2 things…..either….6 % fixed, or a reduction in our balance. But in all honesty, i will take what they have offered if they will not negotiate any further. ITs a pretty decent deal and if we keep our noses clean, we can upgrade and sell this one and buy a new house before that time comes.

sounds like they are making a decent deal, but they are still getting more than they deserve, but they know, we would not turn this down. But think about it…. go to court house steps? or modify,.. they did the smart thing because houses are not bringing NEAR the value at auction and this one is only valued at about 75,000.00. If we accept this deal, the mortgaged amount is 111,000.00.

Hope this helps! I am thrilled to not have to move. WE have 20 years worth of “stuff” and 3 kids , tons of pets, it would have been a miracle to find someone to rent to us.

Honest Debt Help

Anyone know of a honest no scam debt help program located in southwest Louisiana? I need serious help – please. Please post any links you may have to individuals who may be able to help me avoid bankruptcy.

Central Debt Solutions is one of them. Give us your rundown on your bills and how much you make each week and month.. WE can probably help you out. Can we see what you have? Most of the time people can do it themselves, they just need the resources and guidance to do so. How much debt do you have?

I have around 4,500.00 in medical (owed to hospitals and physicians), another 15,000.00 in CC debt (majority of which is medical, i.e. meds, gas to hospital etc. I had 3 major surgeries in the last year and my daughter spent 1 week in hospital on 2 different occassions with Chron’s Disease.

I have a vehicle which the note is 474 month, I have had since right before this all started (the medical) I am 2 months behind. I have tried to hold on, but I think I will have to let it go back, (I have never missed a payment in my life, much less had something repossessed)
I was able to sell my home for the payoff (Thank God) But now I am renting for $450 a mnth and the utilities are outrageous around $300 mo. Mine and my daughters meds combined averate 225 to 275 a month now. We are finally about to get healthy again. I have three different cards that I have had to charge on each with an average of $5,000.

In February 2007 (When this all started) When I got my daughter in the hospital for the first time, that is when I learned that my husband had been sexually assaulting and molesting her. (More medical bills for counseling also) In addition to having some of the bills occurred before the divorce to add to all my medical bills.

I bring home 2,000.00 a month. It is just the two of us.

I really appreciate any advice anyone has as I have never dealt with anything like this before.

I had initially hoped to be able to buy a home with a payment I could afford (around 50,000 to 75,000. But in addition to my credit going down, not one of my ex’s bills has he paid, so they also started to hit my credit report also. So there goes the dream of buying a home. I know I am stuck with the rental thing and I can handle most anything, I just need advice to possibly pay these people what I owe them and still live.

I am so sorry to hear about all your troubles. I wonder if you could negotiate with your creditors, as you have such valid reasons for slipping behind. Calling and explaining and being honest seem to help a lot of folks. Maybe it wouldn’t be so bad to let go of the car…..and get a used one instead…..would save you money. I wonder why the utilities are so high, is there anything you could do (like not use space heaters, like get rid of cable, etc). I guess I just want to say, don’t lose up, there are always options, and you can still negotiate with people, esp. if your credit was always good until now. Just now people out here are concerned about you and praying for you and can probably give some good practical advice also!

I can’t tell you how much it helps to just know there is someone out there (you) who cares. It seems in this situation like I am in the middle of an ocean and the waves just keep coming over my head. Thank you for caring and most importantly – your prayers.

If your ex’s bills are showing up contact the credit report agency. Make sure they know you are divorced. The first report I got after my divorce had some of his bills so I contacted the agency via their website. My message (letter?) included dates for the separation and divorce plus I scanned in the part of the divorce decree covering the division of debts. All of his stuff disappeared from my report within either 30 or 60 days, it’s been four years so I forget just how long it took.

Dave Ramsey FPU

Hi, Guys! Can you explain a bit about FPU? What is it that you like so much? Isn’t it the same information you can get from his books? Thanks!

Actually, it’s the same information that’s in the books but more of it and it’s presented by Dave himself on DVD. His sincerity and enthusiasm just come through so well and it’s very motivational. I tell DH Dave would make a great preacher!

Some of us need a little more of a push than others, I think, if that makes sense, and Dave’s presentations give that. There’s more detail about the whys and hows of things, too, and that helps me substantially. Plus, I like the envelope system I got with the FPU kit. 😉

Thanks! I definitely need an extra push. A BIG extra push!

I am taking a 13 week FPU class now offered by a local church. There is a whole kit–it costs $94, but the info in it is great. There are audio cd’s of Dave Ramsey’s presentations, but in the class we see videos.

I have only taken 3 classes so far, but I can see a huge difference in my attitude and understanding of money already. I am spending a lot less. My only problem is that my DH is unable to take the class with me due to travel and childcare challenges. I need to get him on board with this for it to work for us.

I highly recommend the course, even if you just get the audio and everything it is worth it.

I adore Dave Ramsey, he has helped us sooo much, not just with money , on outlook too. He is highly recommended. I would pay more than the 99.00 it cost us. he truly is remarkable and the way he presents the way money works, is great. we all have a basic idea of the way it works, but he smacks you in the face with it with a bit of Dr. Phil like attitude and some humor..

We are in week 8 right now. He is part of the reason we won the battle with the foreclosure.

We are taking it too and we are taking our kids too. Our 9 year old loves to write down the words to complete the sentences in the workbook. The kids will have a better start than we did thats for dang sure. NO body is even allowed to even date our daughter until they take the course…lol… shes only 14, but , you know, when the time comes…lol

New member needs some advice

Thanks to those who responded. here is what we are doing…. we did go ahead and purchase the woodburner but his mother borrowed us the money interest free. since we spent about 1200 to heat the house this past winter it will be a huge savings for us and will be able to pay off the cc’s faster. we opened a discover card at 0% for a year for all transfers, so we are transfering 2 cards to it and cancelling those 2. we got the other 2 to lower the interest to 13% (which were over 20%). we plan to use the 6000 towards those cards which will pay off 1 and pay some on the other. it will feel so good when all of this is gone. would go even faster if we would finally get custody of fiances kids…that would be an extra $430 a month not goin out for support, but all in due time for that one. we shall see if the wedding happens next year or not. I will decide that in the fall to see how things are going. that will give us a year to pay for it if we go ahead with it. anyway, will keep reading the posts here. never know on things you can learn here.

Child Protective Services can pay for the counseling your daughter is needing for the alledged sexual abuse. If you ex-husband has been charged for sexually assaulting your daughter, you can apply to the Victim Funds. Contact Your Attorney General’s office and ask for an application. This fund can also pay for counseling, lost wages, etc that relate to the abuse. Learn more here – http://www.ovc.gov/about/victimsfund.html

I have around 4,500.00 in medical (owed to hospitals and physicians), another 15,000.00 in CC debt (majority of which is medical, i.e. meds, gas to hospital etc. I had 3 major surgeries in the last year and my daughter spent 1 week in hospital on 2 different occassions with Chron’s Disease.

OK, I gotta ask…. does this mean if you and he get the kids, they’ll be living for free?

Maybe you guys won’t be sending support payments, but you guys will have to clothe, feed, and (Medical) insure them, yeah? Just curious….

I am not sayin that we will live for free. it will be 4 boys so clothes wont be an issue with hand downs. we have a hobby farm so all our meats, eggs and veggies come off that. we do alot of hunting, fishing, canning, etc. so we purchase very little at the store. So alot of the extra cash can go towards the debts. once everything is paid they will all get cut up, except 1 for emergencies only and will have a low limit put on it.