10 Best CotoMovies Alternatives for Android, iPhone and iPad

CotoMovies has been the best movie app since long. This app has gained enormous followers and fans in a short time span. While the news of CotoMovies being shut down is circulating around the air and the owner issuing apology letters to the media regarding the piracy movie app that they were running, the users are worried about their entertainment spots. CotoMovies being the only best option for users has left many disappointed and in awe. Entertainment fans are fond of watching movies as soon as they hit the cinemas but the torrent lovers’ start finding the torrents in HD prints to fulfil their entertainment needs. To cater their needs, users shift to methods that provide fast access to high quality prints of movies and TV shows as soon as they are launched. With busy schedules and hectic routines, majority of people find it utterly hard to go to cinemas for movies and they turn to online Android and iOS Apps to get to watch their favorite movies online.

But in a turmoil of CotoMovies being shut down and the authorities going against the app owner and users as well, the users are deprived of their entertainment needs. Before the shut down and after it, entertainment stays constant. There are so many apps like CotoMovies that haven’t gained much popularity as CotoMovies but aren’t much infamous like it. Some of them are great at fulfilling the purpose of an equipped entertainment provider. Worry not, we have shortlisted some of the best apps that provide free of cost binge watch movies and TV Shows for you. All you have to do is download them, log in with your details (Not all apps require sign up and log in), and start surfing for your favorite categories of movies and shows to binge watch.

10 Best CotoMovies Alternatives for Android, iPhone and iPad


To get all famous, infamous and Oscar nominated movies, Cinema APK is the nearest GO-TO option for CotoMovies users. The app is no different than the one we are finding alternatives for, in terms of the theme, the HD content, great graphics, smooth streaming and near to great movie selection. The app can be downloaded on Android and iOS devices as well. The content that this app has to offer will keep you indulged and entertained. The eye catchy theme and easy user-interface makes it utterly convenient for users to search for their favorite movies. To get the most out of this app, use this app on a bigger screen such as an iPad, or a phone with bigger aspects and wide screen. The bigger the resolution, the better the graphics.


Moving forward, Tubi TV is another excellent alternative to the CotoMovies which helps the users to access a lot of contents like TV shows and movies. It operates in the same manner as the CotoMovies and provides easy access to great movies and TV shows. You can navigate for your favorite movies in the huge listings of Tubi TV and select the ones you would want to binge watch. The app updates itself with daily dose of entertainment listings and thus, makes it easy for you to stay updated with the evolving entertainment world. The main menu of the app consists of expert selected movies and TV shows that people are searching for. The contents that this app offers are high quality and with subtitles as well. If you are fond of entertainment and movies specifically, Tubi TV is one big Go-To option for you!


Among many great alternatives of CotoMovies, Mobdro’s streaming service grown up tremendously these days. It offers all television channels on our smartphones or tablets without cost. Its Chromecast feature allows us to stream our favorite shows and movies on TV sets. As mentioned, the stream on TV and bigger screens require great resolutions and great graphics as well. Mobdro meets the requirements and allow wider pixels and good resolution of movies and TV shows. The TV Mode feature of Mobdro is not very old, so you are not late to entertain yourself with its perks. With its TV Mode, you can even stream live TV Channels on your iPhone, Android, and iPads as well. The categories this app offers are vast ranging from sports, action, games and horror.


Popcorn Time is one of the great movie apps that allow binge watch entertainment series and movies. The entertainment seekers often rate it as one of the convenient and best app available around the market. The reason we are enlisting it as one of the alternatives for CotoMovies is that it operates in the same way and provides access to great movies ranging in vast categories. It serves as a support platform for different operating software like iOS, Linux, and Android. Easier to change the user interface without any issue and works perfectly with your devices. It is precisely the app with almost the same features as the CotoMovies, and it is essential to make use of it if you are looking for a perfect alternative to CotoMovies. The graphics and resolution of the high definition content are rated as best by hundreds of users.


Crackle is one of the most used app for entertainment seekers to fulfil their desires. Crackle is an alternative for the operating system used by Androids. It has over 20 million active users already which make it popular among the tablet and smartphone users. With this fantastic figure, if the crackle application is available to other platforms like Windows, Mac, and iOS, imagine how the number will increase. Crackle permits you to stream TV shows and movies without going through any server errors watching it. Crackle gives access to great listings and categories of movies and TV shows ranging from Thrillers, Horror, Comedy and Rom Coms. Crackle provides high definition content to its users for their entertainment needs. Surf through the great listings in a convenient interface by downloading it in your Android Smartphone.


CotoMovies shutdown has shook all the entertainment lovers with its untimely ban. The free piracy app have met their fate and all other apps can follow the way anytime. So if you are looking for a high-quality CotoMovies alternative, you may also like to consider CyberFlix TV. It is also a very popular on-demand streaming app with hundreds of movies and episodes. Besides the huge media collection, CyberFlix TV does a wonderful job of pulling the quality links from multiple sources on the web.  Real-Debrid pairing is also supported and when you do that, you get dozens of top-of-the-line premium links as well. The new content is added regularly. Therefore, you will always find the latest movies and recently aired episodes. The developers keep the app up to date with regular version upgrades as well. If you are prompted to update the app, make sure you do that. CyberFlix TV is easy to install and even easier to use on all platforms.


Wouldn’t it be great to find a great app alternative to CotoMovies that provides great movies, TV shows and live TV Channel streams? Definitely yes! The Showbox is one of the best apps that provide access to wide range of movies and TV Shows that people are demanding. The app updates itself fortnightly and adds value to its already listed great content. The High definition movies are available in different languages and provides subtitles files as well. The wide aspect and great resolutions of the HD content amaze the users. The categories this app deals in are widely accepted and desired by millions of users. This app is currently available for iOS and serves as a great alternative for CotoMovies. The download links to Showbox are readily available for iOS and are in process for Android devices.


Morpheus TV serves as an amazing movie app that fulfils the users desires for entertainment. Morpheus TV is a video streaming app currently available for Android devices. It is only available for devices running Android OS like smartphone, tablets or Android TV Boxes. Morpheus TV app is not available for the iOS platform, though the iOS app is under development. You can find great range of movies in various versatile categories like Action, Sports, Comedy and Romance. Thrillers and Action movies that the Morpheus TV offers are all Oscar nominated and widely famous. The TV Series that this app gives access to are all updated and latest and stream as soon as they are on aired on television. This way, the users don’t have to wait for longer periods to watch their favorite TV Shows. You can download the Morpheus TV app for Android from the authentic link provided below,


Hulu has been the favorite app for most users who used to go to Netflix for all their desired TV Shows and Movies. It was launched no longer ago but has become the favorite of many. The services that Hulu provides are way less expensive than that of Netflix. Separating Hulu and Netflix, the both apps are a wholesome alternative to CotoMovies. Hulu has a commendable service that offers an update of its contents on a continuous basis. With only a simple click, the binge movie, also solely web-based, can be streamed on your smartphone. The High Definition content that Hulu offers keep the users indulged and keep coming for more and more. The great listings and categories are a plus and the timely updates are a plus one. Get your Hulu Subscription now!


FreeFlix HQ maintains its popularity as a perfect substitute for CotoMovies. It not only comes freely, but it is built with a lot of amazing features. It comes with a subtitle feature together with very clear and sharp definition visuals.  The categories of Movies and TV shows are all available in a very handy interface. This application is straightforward to navigate, and it updates itself automatically to give you the latest movies around. The only issue associated with using this app is that it is not present yet on the popular app downloading store (Google play store), it can only be downloaded as an APK file. But worry not, we have fetched the authentic links for the FreeFlix HQ APK, download the APK file and launch it to get started with your daily entertainment dose.

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