New member needs some advice

Thanks to those who responded. here is what we are doing…. we did go ahead and purchase the woodburner but his mother borrowed us the money interest free. since we spent about 1200 to heat the house this past winter it will be a huge savings for us and will be able to pay off the cc’s faster. we opened a discover card at 0% for a year for all transfers, so we are transfering 2 cards to it and cancelling those 2. we got the other 2 to lower the interest to 13% (which were over 20%). we plan to use the 6000 towards those cards which will pay off 1 and pay some on the other. it will feel so good when all of this is gone. would go even faster if we would finally get custody of fiances kids…that would be an extra $430 a month not goin out for support, but all in due time for that one. we shall see if the wedding happens next year or not. I will decide that in the fall to see how things are going. that will give us a year to pay for it if we go ahead with it. anyway, will keep reading the posts here. never know on things you can learn here.

Child Protective Services can pay for the counseling your daughter is needing for the alledged sexual abuse. If you ex-husband has been charged for sexually assaulting your daughter, you can apply to the Victim Funds. Contact Your Attorney General’s office and ask for an application. This fund can also pay for counseling, lost wages, etc that relate to the abuse. Learn more here –

I have around 4,500.00 in medical (owed to hospitals and physicians), another 15,000.00 in CC debt (majority of which is medical, i.e. meds, gas to hospital etc. I had 3 major surgeries in the last year and my daughter spent 1 week in hospital on 2 different occassions with Chron’s Disease.

OK, I gotta ask…. does this mean if you and he get the kids, they’ll be living for free?

Maybe you guys won’t be sending support payments, but you guys will have to clothe, feed, and (Medical) insure them, yeah? Just curious….

I am not sayin that we will live for free. it will be 4 boys so clothes wont be an issue with hand downs. we have a hobby farm so all our meats, eggs and veggies come off that. we do alot of hunting, fishing, canning, etc. so we purchase very little at the store. So alot of the extra cash can go towards the debts. once everything is paid they will all get cut up, except 1 for emergencies only and will have a low limit put on it.