Honest Debt Help

Anyone know of a honest no scam debt help program located in southwest Louisiana? I need serious help – please. Please post any links you may have to individuals who may be able to help me avoid bankruptcy.

Central Debt Solutions is one of them. Give us your rundown on your bills and how much you make each week and month.. WE can probably help you out. Can we see what you have? Most of the time people can do it themselves, they just need the resources and guidance to do so. How much debt do you have?

I have around 4,500.00 in medical (owed to hospitals and physicians), another 15,000.00 in CC debt (majority of which is medical, i.e. meds, gas to hospital etc. I had 3 major surgeries in the last year and my daughter spent 1 week in hospital on 2 different occassions with Chron’s Disease.

I have a vehicle which the note is 474 month, I have had since right before this all started (the medical) I am 2 months behind. I have tried to hold on, but I think I will have to let it go back, (I have never missed a payment in my life, much less had something repossessed)
I was able to sell my home for the payoff (Thank God) But now I am renting for $450 a mnth and the utilities are outrageous around $300 mo. Mine and my daughters meds combined averate 225 to 275 a month now. We are finally about to get healthy again. I have three different cards that I have had to charge on each with an average of $5,000.

In February 2007 (When this all started) When I got my daughter in the hospital for the first time, that is when I learned that my husband had been sexually assaulting and molesting her. (More medical bills for counseling also) In addition to having some of the bills occurred before the divorce to add to all my medical bills.

I bring home 2,000.00 a month. It is just the two of us.

I really appreciate any advice anyone has as I have never dealt with anything like this before.

I had initially hoped to be able to buy a home with a payment I could afford (around 50,000 to 75,000. But in addition to my credit going down, not one of my ex’s bills has he paid, so they also started to hit my credit report also. So there goes the dream of buying a home. I know I am stuck with the rental thing and I can handle most anything, I just need advice to possibly pay these people what I owe them and still live.

I am so sorry to hear about all your troubles. I wonder if you could negotiate with your creditors, as you have such valid reasons for slipping behind. Calling and explaining and being honest seem to help a lot of folks. Maybe it wouldn’t be so bad to let go of the car…..and get a used one instead…..would save you money. I wonder why the utilities are so high, is there anything you could do (like not use space heaters, like get rid of cable, etc). I guess I just want to say, don’t lose up, there are always options, and you can still negotiate with people, esp. if your credit was always good until now. Just now people out here are concerned about you and praying for you and can probably give some good practical advice also!

I can’t tell you how much it helps to just know there is someone out there (you) who cares. It seems in this situation like I am in the middle of an ocean and the waves just keep coming over my head. Thank you for caring and most importantly – your prayers.

If your ex’s bills are showing up contact the credit report agency. Make sure they know you are divorced. The first report I got after my divorce had some of his bills so I contacted the agency via their website. My message (letter?) included dates for the separation and divorce plus I scanned in the part of the divorce decree covering the division of debts. All of his stuff disappeared from my report within either 30 or 60 days, it’s been four years so I forget just how long it took.