6 Best TV Remote Apps for Android

Imagine an alternate universe where there were no remote controls. Every time you had to change a channel, you had to get up from your couch and press the buttons on the TV. For a majority of us TV buffs, that is worse than a Zombie Apocalypse. Sure, we don’t have to suffer that because in our universe we have remote controls. But, not all the time. Sometimes, it can be a pain to locate those remote controls. Checking under pillow covers, cushions, and below sofas does not always work. That is why a lot of smartphones today come equipped with an IR blaster, which allows you to transform your smartphone into a universal remote for operating all your remote-controlled devices at home. The biggest advantage of using a phone for this purpose is that it is always with you. Even when it is not with you, you can just give it a call to find its location in the home. Quite handy, isn’t it! Here we bring you top universal remote apps, which you can use to control your TV right from your smartphone.

Control TV with Android TV Remote Apps


1. Smart IR Remote – AnyMote

Without a doubt, this is one of the best remote control apps on Android. Its interface is simple, and it is super easy to configure the remote for your devices. It supports a wide variety of devices, and it is unlikely that your TV isn’t supported. In the event that your device is not supported, you can configure the remote specifically for your device too. Also, the app provides a lot of automated functions like reducing the TV volume when you get calls, and so on. It is a premium app, but people love it.

2. Peel Smart Remote

Peel Smart Remote does two jobs perfectly – replace your TV remote, and provide you a complete TV guide. The app requires you to mention a few details such as your cable provider, and/or zip code. With that info, it extracts your live cable programming schedule. It even allows you to create personalized lists of which programs you like and which you don’t. Later, it reminds you of upcoming screen times of the programs.

3. ASmart Remote IR

ASmart Remote IR is possibly the most user-friendly TV remote app out there. It is a universal remote that can control a host of devices, including TVs, cameras, and ACs. The best thing about this app is that you can create multiple rooms in the app to reflect the rooms in your home with sets of remotes for each room’s devices. The rooms are displayed as tabs at the top, and whenever you enter a room, you can click on it, and access the remotes configured for that room.

4. SURE Universal Remote

If you do not have an IR blaster on your phone, then SURE Universal Remote can easily be the best TV remote app for you. The app features for IR and Wi-Fi compatibility. So, even if you do not have an IR blaster, you can control your TV from this phone via Wi-Fi. Further, the app is compatible with the Wi-Fi to IR transmitters available in the market, which enable you to use the remote via IR, even if your phone does not have a built-in IR capability. The interface is fluid, and very intuitive to use.

5. Easy Universal TV Remote

The Easy Universal TV Remote app stays true to its name – it is easy, and it is a universal remote. The app can be configured for use with pretty much every device. It supports all popular brands’ TVs and can be easily connected to them. If your phone has an IR blaster, then you will love your experience with using this app. If you don’t have an IR enabled phone, then the remote app works with a Wi-Fi connection to control your TV. Moreover, you can also attach an external IR blaster to your phone as well to use this app.


6. Twinone TV Remote

If you are not tech savvy or have family members who find it hard to use technology, then Twinone TV Remote is the best remote app for you. The app has an amazingly simple interface that is easy to use for anybody. The app comes with all the basic functions like changing channels, changing volumes, and so on. This is a complete no-frills app, which brings essential functions, without confusing the users with too many options and buttons.

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