How to install CotoMovies on Firestick/Fire TV

Technology has advanced to the point where you no longer have to go to the cinema to watch a movie. Gadgets are available to create your own cinema in your home, and one of these gadgets is the Amazon Firestick. The Firestick is a device that you plug to your TV system, and connect to the internet to access your favorite TV shows, movies, an even has the capacity to play games. The Firestick has several advantages over other devices with streaming capacities. Some of these advantages include:

  • Download capable: While other streaming devices allow you to watch movies and TV shows over the internet, they don’t have the capacity to download and store movies, and as a result, have no storage capacity. The Firestick however, has the download capacity, meaning you can download and store movies to be watched at a later time, especially your favorite movies.
  • Portable: The Firestick is small and portable. This gives it a convenience, as you easily carry it around with you anywhere you go. Thus, you can watch you movies in a hotel or a guest house whenever you travel. You can even take it with you to the office, to help pass the time.
  • Remote controlled access: The Firestick is equipped with a Bluetooth remote control, so you don’t have to be too close to the television to control the Firestick.

With these advantages, anyone would want a Firestick. Once you have the Firestick, the next issue becomes where you can stream movies on the device. Apps like Netflix and Amazon Prime are usually the premiere choice in this case, but these apps are not free. CotoMovies is a free movie streaming app, and it lets you download movies to your Firestick device.

The app used on the Firestick can be normally obtained in the Amazon store and are installed easily. CotoMovies however, is not found on the Amazon store due to licensing issues and as a result, it is not downloaded easily. In order to use the CotoMovies app, you will have to go through a couple of steps. As the app is not available on the Amazon store, there needs to be a little tweaking on your device, to provide access for the app. You don’t have to worry as the changes you will need to make are completely safe, and will not ruin the Firestick device. The process of installing the CotoMovies app involves:

  • Plug in your Firestick: The Firestick looks like flash drive, but uses the HDMI port of your TV. Plug the Firestick into the HDMI port and it will allow you access the Firestick via your HDMI option of your Television.
  • Access the settings option: Only apps that are licensed by Amazon will work on the device, but this feature can be controlled and altered in your settings. The settings contains all the configuration information and detail, and under this option, you will need to select the ‘my Fire TV ’option.
  • Enable apps from unknown services: under the developer options, you need to turn on the apps from unknown sources options. This allows you to install apps that are not registered with the Firestick makers.
  • Go to the developer options: Developer options enable you make certain changes to the operating system of your device, and in this case, allows you install an application that may otherwise fail. The developer options are located under the device option of the settings of the Firestick.
  • Enable apps from unknown services: under the developer options, you need to turn on the apps from unknown sources options. This allows you to install apps that are not registered with the Firestick makers.
  • Use the search feature: The search feature is located on the home screen. Once the apps from unknown services option has been turned on, your device can now support apps from external sources. The search feature helps you locate apps that are built into the Firestick, and here, you will search for the downloader.
  • Go to the downloader: the downloader connects you to the internet and here you can find the CotoMovies app. The search option will lead you here to find and download the app of your choice.
  • Give the downloader access: Most applications and settings require special permissions to function on your device, and the downloader is no exception. When you open the downloader, you will be prompted to grant the downloader, permission to access media files on your device. Click allow, as this permission is necessary to write and edit information on the Firestick device. In some cases, if an update is available for the downloader, you may have to carry out this update first, then once the update is done, you can proceed to the next step.
  • Enable Java script: when you access the downloader, you need to go over to the settings and enable the java script option. This option will bring up a message prompt, asking if you are sure, you need to click yes.
  • Visit the webpage: Your device is set for the installation at this point, all that remains is to carry out the installation of the application. Visit the official website of the CotoMovies app to carry out this download. Go this page to download CotoMovies APK.
  • Install the application: Downloading and installing the application may take some time, but at the end of this process, your app will be available for usage. Select the downloaded app and click install. The process is similar to that of an android device and all you need to do at this point, is wait for the installation to be completed.

    The CotoMovies app provides a number of advantages over other application in this category. One of the most notable advantages it offers is the ability to download movies. So once the installation process has been completed, you can download some movies and TV shows, to be watched at a more convenient time. Once you are done with the installation, you can delete the installation file, to free up space on your Firestick.

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