Dave Ramsey FPU

Hi, Guys! Can you explain a bit about FPU? What is it that you like so much? Isn’t it the same information you can get from his books? Thanks!

Actually, it’s the same information that’s in the books but more of it and it’s presented by Dave himself on DVD. His sincerity and enthusiasm just come through so well and it’s very motivational. I tell DH Dave would make a great preacher!

Some of us need a little more of a push than others, I think, if that makes sense, and Dave’s presentations give that. There’s more detail about the whys and hows of things, too, and that helps me substantially. Plus, I like the envelope system I got with the FPU kit. 😉

Thanks! I definitely need an extra push. A BIG extra push!

I am taking a 13 week FPU class now offered by a local church. There is a whole kit–it costs $94, but the info in it is great. There are audio cd’s of Dave Ramsey’s presentations, but in the class we see videos.

I have only taken 3 classes so far, but I can see a huge difference in my attitude and understanding of money already. I am spending a lot less. My only problem is that my DH is unable to take the class with me due to travel and childcare challenges. I need to get him on board with this for it to work for us.

I highly recommend the course, even if you just get the audio and everything it is worth it.

I adore Dave Ramsey, he has helped us sooo much, not just with money , on outlook too. He is highly recommended. I would pay more than the 99.00 it cost us. he truly is remarkable and the way he presents the way money works, is great. we all have a basic idea of the way it works, but he smacks you in the face with it with a bit of Dr. Phil like attitude and some humor..

We are in week 8 right now. He is part of the reason we won the battle with the foreclosure.

We are taking it too and we are taking our kids too. Our 9 year old loves to write down the words to complete the sentences in the workbook. The kids will have a better start than we did thats for dang sure. NO body is even allowed to even date our daughter until they take the course…lol… shes only 14, but , you know, when the time comes…lol