How to Fix CotoMovies Has Stopped Working Error – Full Guide

Do you love streaming movies on CotoMovies? Yes, right, we love it too! But nowadays there are some errors while loading the page. You might have experienced this. Well, you are not alone.

A lot of people like you are trying to launch CotoMovies and they are just getting a pop up stating- “Unfortunately, CotoMovies has stopped.” And trust me this is damn annoying. Now what? You should uninstall the app or continue.

No worries; we have gathered some hacks/ fixes for your beloved website. Just overcome these problems with simple solutions. It will help you to restore CotoMovies APK instantly. How? Let us unlock this:

Fixing CotoMovies APK:

More than 90% of apps have technical problems, troubleshooting is one of the common issues among them. Let me find all the concerns and get them fixed for you.

Error For “Unable to Install”: 

Whenever you see this on your mobile screen it is probably because you have not granted permission to your device. To resolve this follow the instructions:

  1. Open “Settings”.
  2. Go to “Security” and select “Unknown Sources”
  3. You will see a notification: “Allow installation of apps from unknown sources”.
  4. Tap and let the app download.

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Error For Crashing:

Here, the ISP is the culprit that is frustrating to you. Always use a good VPN to download CotoMovies or any app. Example: PureVPN, they are trusted and has the fastest streaming.

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Error on Buffering:

Check your internet connection and speed. This problem occurs usually when the internet is very poor or your ISP is intentionally throttling your data connection. The best thing is to get a good VPN as mentioned above. Alternatively, you can change your internet provider.

Still, if CotoMovies isn’t working on your PC/ laptop/ iOS, download “MediaBox HD” Working Fix. To get this on your PC follow the steps mentioned below:

  1. Open this link.
  2. Scroll down and press the “Download” icon.
  3. Two download links crop up: Link 1 and Link 2. Tap on anyone.
  4. A pop up will rise “ would like to install “MediaBox HD”. Select “Install”.
  5. After download. It may ask to get a VPN. Get a good VPN like Pure VPN or VPN Proxy Master. Open the app and get CotoMovies APK. That’s it! You are done!


After the CotoMovies has stopped working due to operating issues users were looking for ways to stream all over again but they were highly disappointed. So, we thought to provide you a solution for this. You may also want to check out these CotoMovies Alternatives if the problem still persists. I hope your problem is resolved with the help of this article. If you have any questions or suggestions do write to us in the comment box below.

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