Has anyone had any experience with Curadebt debt settlement services?

I am considering settling my debt and I came accross Curadebt any reviews or personal experience with this company? Please respond. Thank you.

I could be wrong but when I was checking out debt settlement companies, this one came up bad..Check the Better Business Bureau.

We are in the process of using Freedom Debt Relief, so far we are very happy with them. In their program they have a form you fill out to close all your CC. They say it is better if the owners of the card do it then the company. It actually felt very good to cut up all our cards & close all our CC accounts. I closed the CC’s by mail. Yesterday we put a budget together. What is costing the most is groceries & gas. We will have to play around with the budget for a month to see how we do. I never shopped at Walmart for groceries, but from what I hear they are cheaper than all the other grocery stores.

What will this do to your credit rating? I’m curious about something. Did you get behind on your payments before you used this company or were you current with payments? Thanks!

I have had some experience with GENUS debt management. They probably have been around the longest, I was dealing with them around 99/00 or so. They were pretty good, but most of these companies are just doing what most can do individually.