Reopening charged off credit card account

I recently pulled my credit report and noticed a few credit cards are listed as charged off by the creditors…i was wondering should i call the creditors/grantor and request to have card reopened

If they have you listed as a CO it’s doubtful they’d open the account again. And why would you want it re-opened? You did’nt know they were charged off? They are required to charge off a debt that is not being paid on after 6 months. I would think they would not even consider reopening your accounts because you did’nt pay previously. If they are listed as charged off by mistake and you in fact paid the debt in full you need to have this negative information removed from your credit report but you will need proof that you paid etc. It is my understanding an account being “charged off” is much different then an account that is closed.

i thought that having them reopen/reage would help my credit…it would show longer credit history than opening a new TL

Has anyone heard or used ZipDebt, by Charles Phelan? I downloaded his free pamphlet, and it sounds interesting. Wondering if it’s worth his consulting fee to get advice on DIY negotation? I am hoping to have some money in the next month or so to be able to begin pursuing settlements, and am really nervous / afraid of how to get started. Thanks!

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